Crystal Sound Therapy by shaman Wendi Morrison CCT

Crystal Sound Therapy by shaman Wendi Morrison CCT

 Everyday, more and more people are discovering the increible healing value of energy work, which is related to our body's biofield, electrical system. Being that we are bombarded by electrical pulses from nearly every environment we find ourselves in today; from cell phones, digital television, computers, "smart meters", cellphone towers, to weather modification, and military warfare; each is emmitting frequencies that you cannot see, and are most likely unaware of, yet our body, mind and spirit, are all being impacted by these frequencies. As a shaman, I have been certified in many alternative healing modalities such as: Energy Psychology, Spiritual Leadership, Ethics, Energy Removal, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Therapy, Sound Healing, D.N.A. Activation, and Soul Coaching.

I use specifically, Solfeggio Frequencies: SOUND HEALING ARTICLE FROM NY DAILY NEWS

In my work I use: Lepidolite 528 hz Crystal Bowl. The 528hz frequency aids in D.N.A. repair, and is aligned with the Heart Chakra. It is known as the Miracle Frequency. Lepoidolite is a multi-chakra activator: throat, heart, third eye and the intellect; also the crown. It is the mineral of "transitions", helping to ease the anxiety of change. Induces self-love, neutrality, and authenticity.

Imperial Topaz 936hz Pineal Gland: Third Eye, Crown Chakras. Topaz is the mineral supporting the Law of Attraction and Manifestation. It resonates with Love and Success. It is a highly energetic mineral.

Tibetan Bowl 375 hz from resonance/175 hz from toning. 375 hz activates the creative frontal lobe of the brain. 175 hz is connected to the Earth's Resonance, and supports Self-Healing.

14 Solfeggio Tuning Forks all with designated healing attributes: Solfeggio Healing Frequencies

My Crystal Lyre is tuned to the healing frequency of 432hz, this healing frequency was the original tuning for all musical compositions. It resonates an overall mind, body, spiritual healing.

I also do Vocal Overtoning.

I utilize a selection of the most powerful crystals, used to magnetize glitches in our bio-field, while the sound waves of the vibrational frequencies, flush and align. By removing these pain bodies, we can retrain our body and mind; creating positive Self-Heaing through Quantum Awareness.

My Shamanic work also involves intuitive aspects that are "spontanous". Information that can aid, and validate your own inner awareness. I will share the importance of decalcifying one's Pineal Gland, and how fluoride is it's biggest offender.

Protecting one's Neural System is a vital part of self-healing, and transformation.

I look forward to sharing these amazing therapeutic tools of tranformative Mind Body Spirit!

I am located in Three Rivers, CA; 3 hours North of the San Fernando Valley, at the entrance to Sequoia National Park; where I also have a retreat that you can find out more about on the Quantum Healing Retreat page.

I am available in Los Angeles, Sundays or Mondays, once a month; unless an expedited visit is initiated.

Sessions last anywhere from 60-90 min. and it's an $85 donation to:

"Pixie's Place at OrangeRay Inc." non-profit 501.(c)(3)

Requirements: You need to have plenty of water available to you, prior, during, and after. You will be releasing toxic energy for up to 3 days after, which can take on an aray of physical, emotional, or mental expressions from: gas, light headedness, memory recall, past life recall, connecting to a new skill set, relief of pain, either physical or emotional. Ultimately, we are realigning, and aligning energetic bodies, to support optimum Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness.

shaman Wendi Morrison CCT

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