Sarah Raich, Health Care Provider Germany; Aug. 2019

Dear Wendi,

I just wanted to say hi. Kolja is still talking about you from time to time, even though I am not sure what he is thinking about exactly, it is full of love.

I wanted to tell you that my migranes seem to have settled immensely since your treatment. Usually I have one migrane per month and I have to take medicine to keep it in check. Otherwise I might end up vomiting for a day or two. After we left your place I had one more of those. But the last time that happened around at the 24th of July, I felt slightly unwell for most of the day, but I was relaxed about it and it went away without medication, at some point I took a little nap, and afterwards I was fine. It felt wonderful, like I broke a spell. And of course I think it has to do with what you did. The pains in my hips are also almost gone. Thank you so much for what you have been doing 🙏💟
I still follow the earthquakes in California, I hope it settles.
I hope you and Vishnu, Krishna, Pixie and all your buddies are doing well.
Love, Sarah
Melinda Moore Singer/Songwriter; July 2018
From personal experience I’ve some to understand that Wendi is a naturally gifted shaman who has developed her gifts over years of practice. She also has deep empathy and compassion for not only humans but all life forms, which is a huge part of why I respect her so much.
Kelly July 2016
My first experience with shaman Wendi was over the phone. She captured my interest and admiration instantly. This is a woman who has vast knowledge beyond her time. Whenever I am in doubt about my own path, she is there with solid and illuminating word of...gosh, not really advice but, like truth that she pulls out of your own soul?? It leaves you beyond grateful and thisss much closer to your own truth. Thank you Wendi for turning in the switch in me to be my authentic self. Xoxo