I have over 30 years experience in quantum healing, as an energetic healer and in self healing.

My training includes:

New Era Institute 94-2001: Wendy Sola Danner

World Energy Healing Institute of Arts and Sciences: Louahn Lowe 2004-2006

Energy Medicine University: Energy Psychology: PTSD Energy Treatment DEH/EFT: Mary Hammond 2014; Ethics and Law in Energy Medicine: Midge Murphy 2014; Spiritual Leadership: Dominque Surel 2014.

Certified: Advanced Crystal Healer: Ashley Leavy, Love & Light Healing School 2014

International Academy of Life, Mumbai, India: Aura Reading Photography 2014

Sound Healing Graduate: Jonathan Goldman 2015

Distance Healing Soul Coaching (Life Coach interned w/TED Talk’s Cynthia Loy Darst 96-99)

Photography: H. Warren King

Theater/Drama: Lilyan Chauvin, Oween Cameron, Joel Asher

Dance Training: Joe Tremaine Dance Studio; Studio City, CA

Voice: Seth Riggs, Gloria Raush

Writer: 12 Signs Publications American Psychological Association Publication Writing Course

Blogs: Architects of a New Reality and Pixie’s Place

BMI Songwriter-VH1 Songwriting Award